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A company can't only focus on the development of itself, but also learn to repay the society. The larger sacle the company has, the more social  responsibility it should take. In Yan Bai, we undertake the social duty from the aspects below:

Green Earth 

-- Do what we can do as much as possible to build up a Green Earth.

Green Staff

-- The staff takes care of environmental protection from every details in daily work and life: turn off the screen when leave the seat, try not to use air conditioner inefficiently, recycle waste papers or even make use of them for the third time, etc. We can't plainly change the situation, but we still doing every tiny thing with hope.

Green Yan Bai

-- When it comes to this point, we take it more seriously and actively. Positively promote energy saving and green production, stick to developing together with nature, the thought of sustainable development and resource-recycling principle, just mean to do something for the nature, as a company.

A company's good development cannot be separately talked about from the social environment, paying back to the society is our duty and vocation. In the process of R&D and production, we strictly obey our [Environmental Managing System of Product], in aspect of preventing and controlling pollution, improving ecological environment, saving energy, reducing and recycling industrial waste and etc, we have been investing a lot of labour, material and money, and meanwhile we call up all of our staff to join the activities of Protecting Environment and Loving the Earth.