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● Honesty

For a company, the root of prosperity is honesty, which has also been the one-character motto of Yan Bai since inception of factory. Only by treasuring honesty and keeping promise, can a company has a deliberate attitude and a long-term development. During the social economy of the time, honesty is not only a form of moral standard, but also essential resource able to bring economic benefit to a company, even more important, to a certain extent, than labor and material resource. Honesty, is the core of all relationships.  


● Morality

Strong morality bears everything, including every moving step of a company. A company with morality can promote not only internal positive development, but also that of co-operators and even the whole industry. Always holding morality in mind is our basic requirement for staff and company, as well as the fundamental principle we always insist on.


● Innovation

Innovation is original power of company development, as well as the topic of development of the current economic society, extension gives birth to innovation. We will not only chase after innovation of product and technique, but also extend market and upgrade the organization and system, combining the spirit of teamwork and constantly striving. Under the new form, seeking spanning extension and innovation is a developing strategy of pursuing a leading position, stick to the “Active and Leading”thought, then there is possibility of jumping out of the box and make something different.


When walk into the workshop of Yan Bai, firstly a plain slogan comes into sight, saying “Staff is the first production power making the company survive, is precious wealth of the company”.

Once an entrepreneur said: “You can move my machines, burn my workshop, but I would still be able to rise up as long as you left me my staff”. Thus it can be seen that how important the staff is for a company. The improvement of staff is an effective way of strengthening the company competitiveness, even inculcating company culture and heighten the company cohesion power. In Yan Bai, concentrating on growth of staff started when the factory was founded, after development of these years, it has formed a series of exclusive growth system of Yan Bai staff, which ensures steady enhancement of company in these years.

In aspect of training employee skills, from the basic level to the whole production line, as well as executive level, there are always three hours per week of expertise training and position-exchanging visit, which makes it possible for all the employees to know the importance of their work from the base and master foundation skills.  

In aspect of extending knowledge of employees, Yan Bai co-operates with external educating organizations and provides English training, Japanese training, dietitian training, accounting training, photography training and computer training courses, making the staff continuously study and move forward.

In aspect of caring for the feelings of employees, activities of repaying the society, remembering the history, being thankful and etc are held at fixed time of every month. There are also two times of nonlocal team tours, mean to on the one hand, increase the horizons of the staff and on the other hand, give the chance of thinking and learning to pay back. Always make the employees be outgoing, positive, thankful and responsible people, grow up together with the company.


Despite updating and upgrading euqipments initially costs a lot, but it’s significant for company changeover, technique improvement, enhancing efficiency and increasing economic benefit.

As for this part, Yan Bai invests a certain rate of special funds for advanced equipment purchases and production line extension. All these above are guarantees making Yan Bai’s product quality stand at the leading place of the industry, as well as ensuring Yan Bai able to develop new products continuously and put them into mass production.