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Company Profile

Yan Bai is a manufacturer specializing in EMC field, mainly runs the business of development, production, marketing and technical support of EMC/EMI debugging parts.

Since inception, the company has been into solutions to EMI cuntermeasures, accurately aiming concentration at EMC&EMI, POWER and RF applications, supplying countermeasure components like ferrite beads, multilayer bead inductors, SMD common mode filters and chokes, SMT winding inductors, etc. At the same time, we've obtained plain affirmative of numerous businessmen from lines of data center, mobile device, consumer device, communication system, mdecial equipment and etc. Moreover, with manufacturing equipment's upgrading and deeping R&D taking place in recent years, our products are getting to extensively enter the hall of high-end auto electronics and industrial applications.

We have strong R&D ability and rich experience of sale, after-sale and technical support, which can all-round meet the demands of customers for product development. With the advantages of intact and integrated production line and expert technical assistance, we have been accepted and acknowledged by a large scale of international companies. "continuously improving quality, professionally practical attitude " is always the concept of Yan Bai, we would like to step forward and make something higher together with all our co-operators.

Company Profile
Our Principle

Our Principle

Conduct ourselves: Be a good person before doing anything, then you have chance of standing higher. Nice character ensures you the confidence of being a human and the power of doing a thing. Nothing would get in the way of your directions if you were never selfish, everything could be well digested in your mind if you behaved the same outside and inside.

Conduct business: Speak honestly, seek truth and be pragmatic. Run multi-directional active communications based on integrity and sincerity. Break the border and mutually coordinate between different departments. Decisions should be made out of truth of data, company interest always stands at the first place, after which there just comes personal benefit.

About product: Pursuing superb quality is the first principle that we have always been insisting on. What make a company evergreen are actually high-level product quality, honesty, feeling of responsibility and hard working.

About society: Create fortune, implement company’s duty, get devoted to environmental protection cause, keep enthusiasm in public beneficial activities and be a good hand of local government.

Mission and Wish

Our mission: devoted in EMC/EMI fields, reduce or even eliminate the affect on human casued by electromagnetic radiation, making our living environment safer and more natural.

Our wish: become a wildly known and respectable company.

Looking to the future

In aspect of business extension: Yan Bai is on the way of expanding cooperating relationships to more areas, from currently main Asia-Pacific region to European and American regions.

In aspect of new product development: Regarding the part of multilayer products, it’s a trend for us to develop this kind of products with smaller sizes and higher currents. For the section of power inductor, we are getting to make a breakthrough out of the bottleneck related to product size and rated current, based on self-owned patent of ingredient recipe. Moreover, new products will more thoroughly cover as much applications as possible in fields of auto and industry.

In aspect of technical support: Assemble product application and customer design, closely collaborate with customer in prototype development, to reach the tight combination of maximization of product use and rationality of design. Technical supporting staff will be arranged on standby to assist customers as per regions.

In aspect of environmental protection: Found an environmental protecting fund, to which we annually dispatch a certain rate of money from company profit for environmental improvement.