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President Address
Great Goals in Right Path

Great Goals in Right Path

In the past years, benefiting from the right industry direction and market decision, Yan Bai’s business is constantly getting stronger. Nowadays the business already expands to most areas of Asia, but in the upcoming several years, we will aim at Chinese mainland market and get to cover all products in the field of EMC and EMI suppression.


Thousands of companies mutually compete like speedboats in the extensive sea. Honesty makes us more confident in this environment full of both competition and development, chance and challenge. Hard striving teaches us to move forward firmly and pursue continuously. Hold the two above points, then a company sends forth the root of development, which gives everyone of the company wisdom and courage in both work and life, at the same time makes our co-operators as confident as us of watching for the future.


A company should focus on not only the development of itself, but also the positive feedback to society. The bigger scale the company has, the more social responsibilities it should undertake. In recent years, Yan Bai has been standing as a model in environmental protection, positively promote saving energy and green production, insist on the principle of sustainable development, and achieve our duty for the nature as a company. Good development cannot be separately talked about from the social environment, paying back to the society is our duty and vocation. In the process of R&D and production, we strictly obey our [Environmental Managing System of Product], in aspect of preventing and controlling pollution, improving ecological environment, saving energy, reducing and recycling industrial waste and etc, we have been investing a lot of labour, material and money, and meanwhile we call up all of our staff to join the activities of Protecting Environment and Loving the Earth.


Freeing the world from EMI is always our striving goal. Looking to the future, Yan Bai will closely follow the strategy of sustainable development urging by China government. Promote the development of Chinese electronic industry, comply with the principle of energy saving, actively hold social benefiting events, reach the goal of multiple enhancement of company, society and environment.