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—— Naked ferrite core ——

Flat Series


● The normal material kind of flat ferrite core is NiZn.

● Directly used on power lines, extra preservation can be choosed as the case may be.

● Applicable to 3~50mm flat wire, with various dimensions for choices.

● In practical application, based on the exceeding frequency point and wire diameter, increasing winding turns and applied quantity of ferrite core can help to reach a perfect effects.

● In light of the variety of working frequencies, there are assorted materials for choices to cover a wider application fields.

Flat Series


● Flat ferrite core is mostly used for the flat wire of desktop and laptop.

● In application, try to make the surface of flat wire lean tightly against the core to improve the effect.

● Applicable to 6.5-55mm(width) flat wire.

● This kind of ferrite core's body is gernerally thin, so it's necessary to avoid damage caused by vibration.

● For better effect, increasing applied quantity is pratical.


                                       P/N Description:

                                      A2 FS 33.5*6.5*26.5*12-1.4

                                                          A2 -------------Material code

                                                          FS -------------Appearance【FS=Flat type】

                                                          33.5 ------------ Outside diameter (mm)

                                                          6.5 -------------- Outside height (mm)

                                                          26.5 ------------Inside diamter (mm)

                                                          12 --------------- Width (mm)

                                                          1.4--------------- Inside height (mm)

Flat Core