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—— Naked ferrite core ——

Toroidal Series


● The normal material kinds of toroidal ferrite core are NiZn, MnZn, pure iron etc.

● Directly used on power lines, injection molding can be choosed as the case may be.

● Applicable to 3.5~50mm wire, with various dimensions for choices.

● In practical application, based on the exceeding frequency point and wire diameter, increasing winding turns and applied quantity of ferrite core can help to reach a perfect effects.

● In light of the variety of working frequencies, the core material has been developed into many different kinds to cover a wider application fields.

Toroidal Series


● Toroidal ferrite core, as the main component used to suppress EMI, is widely applied to consumer electronics.

● This kind of product is also commonly used for coupling transformer, balun transformer, fixed coil and line filter. The application, of course, depends on the product material composition.

● In application, avoid operating temperature's being higher than the Curie temperature of products.

● While loading a high current on the product, it's necessary to pay attention to the problem of magnetic saturation.

● NO drop test on the fragile product.



                                            P/N Description:

                                           A2 T 25 * 12 * 15

                                           A2 ------------- Material code

                                                                 T --------------Appearance【T=Toroidal type】

                                                                 25 -------------- Outside diameter (mm)

                                                                 12 -------------- Height (mm)

                                                                 15 -------------- Inside diameter (mm)

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