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—— Multilayer inductor ——

Ferrite multilayer inductor - IND series


● Precise line printing design reserves the comformity of products to the greatest degress. 

● Deal with EMI for kinds of electrical devices by increasing impedance value of the circuits.

● The standard 0402-1206 size is consistent with the product feature of thining and lightening.

● Totally magnetic shielding technique and closed magnetic circuit keep the components away from mutual interference, which makes it possible for high-density installation.

● No lead wire terminal, little stray capacitance.

● With good weldability and soldering resistance, applicable to reflow soldering.

Ferrite multilayer inductor - IND series


● Applicable for all computer-related products.

● Aimed at the vedio output of notebook or the audio output of CD-ROM.

● Used for noise suppression of consumer electronics and office automatic products such as printer, fax machine, telephone and remote controller.

● Used on smart wide band, automotive electronics, communication devices for noise suppression.


                                              P/N Description:

                                              IND 1206 - 4R7 K T

                                                                     IND --------------- Series name

                                                                     1206 --------------- Size code

                                                                     4R7 ---------------- Inductance【4R7=4.7µH

                                                                      K ------------------ Tolerance【 K= 10%】

                                                                      T ------------------- Tape packaging

IND Series