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—— Multilayer inductor ——

Ceramic multilayer inductor - CM series


● Using low-dielectric-constant ceramic material and low-resistivity silver conductor.

● With high Q value and high self-harmonic frequency.

● Designed specially for high frequency above 100MHz.

● Multilayer printing structure, high reliability.

● Standard 0603-0805 packaging with small volume makes it possible for high-density installation.

● Low stray capacitance.

● With good weldability and soldering resistance, applicable to reflow soldering.

Ceramic multilayer inductor - CM series


● For high frequency circuit and intermediate amplification circuit.

● For mobile communication terminal devices.

● For EMI countermeasures in high frequnecy fields.

● Used for flat panel TV, set-top box, camera and smart phone.

● Personal navigation system, multi-media and mobile terminal.

● Communication devices, VR, etc.


                                              P/N Description:

                                              CM 0402 - 1N5 K T

                                                                     CM --------------- Series name

                                                                     0402 --------------- Size code

                                                                     1N5 ---------------- Inductance【1N5=1.5nH

                                                                      K ------------------ Tolerance【 K= 10%】

                                                                      T ------------------- Tape packaging

CM Series