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—— Multilayer bead ——

High current bead 0402-1812


● Noise suppressing components for normal signal lines.

● Deal with EMI for kinds of electrical devices by increasing impedance value of the circuits.

● Efficiently improve the stability of signals when the devices are earthing.

● The rated current varies from 0.05A-9A, and impedance from 0.7Ω-2700Ω, with the most reasonable line printing technique, the product can the optimize the relationship between impedance and current.

● Significant effect on noise suppression of wideband.

● With good weldability and soldering resistance, applicable to reflow soldering.

High current bead 0402-1812


● Remove the noise of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and related parts.

● Remove the noise of PC, STB, smart grid and industrial machines.

● Remove the noise of various power banks, fast-chargers, car audios, bluetooths, monitoring devices, etc.

● Remove the noise of different office devices such as computers, telephones, projectors and fax machines.


                                             P/N Description: 

                                             BEAD 0805 S 331 A 15 T

                                             BEAD -------- Series name

                                                                    0805 --------- Size code

                                                                    S ------------- Material code

                                                                    331 ---------- Impedance【331=330Ω】

                                                                    A ------------- High current featured

                                                                    15 ------------ Current value

                                                                    T -------------  Tape packaging

High current series bead