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—— Multilayer bead ——

Array bead 0402/0603


● It can be simply understood as the combination of four 0402 or 0603 products. Four lines are composed of the smallest SMT chip, the product height is already made lower as 0.5mm, which is very useful for high-density circuit designs.

● Applicable to impedance of a wider range, so there is a good EMC suppressing character for various kinds of noise.

● The crosstalk caused by the heat between neighbouring circuits is minimized. 

● The existing product size is as small as 100505, which means 1.0mmx0.5mmx0.5mm. And also, smaller ones are already on the way.

● There already exist different product materials aimed at suppression for high and low frequency signals for choices. Please consult specialists about choosing material. 

● With good weldability and soldering resistance, applicable to reflow soldering.

Array bead 0402/0603


● Used for correcting waveforms of notebook, electrical devices, communication devices and OA devices, and for offering the best suppressing coutermeasures to EMI at interfaces and connecting parts.

● Solve EMI problems of image display devices such as electronic watches, various crystal display devices, cameras, PAD and modules.


                                             P/N Description: 

                                             MULT 3216 S 300 T

                                             MULT --------- Series name

                                                                    3216 --------- Size code

                                                                    S ------------- Material code

                                                                    300 ---------- Impedance【300=30Ω


                                                                     T ------------ Tape packaging