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—— Clip-on ferrite core ——

BF Series


● Clip-on ferrite core, as known as ferrite filter, is an effective and swift solution to suppress EMI/EMC, so as to improve the integrity of signals.

● Made of the combination of plastic shell and ferrite core, internally with self-adjusted fastening, it can be directly installed on wire without the necessity of injection molding.

● It's designed for round wire whose diameter varies from 3.5~15mm, with assorted types and shapes for choices.

● In pratical applications, properly increasing applied quantities and winding turns according to over-standard frequency points and wire diameters, can reach a better performance.

● In light of the variety of working frequencies, the core material has been developed into many different kinds to cover a wider application fields.

BF Series


● This kind of product is mostly used on round wires or cables.

● Apllicable to all consumer-electronics-related wires, such as power line, audio line, AV line, data line and various computer wires.

● For applications of industrial and military wires, please consult our relative staff about products of corresponding classes. 

● While loading a high current on the products, it's necessary to pay attention to the problem of magnetic saturation.



                                                     P/N Description:


                                                                               BF ----------- Material code 

                                                                               130 ---------- Product size 

                                                                                              B ------------ Black plastic shell 

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