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—— CHOK Series ——

CHOK 4528


● With a standard size of 1812 inch, the product height is controlled at a low level, which complies with the trend of adapting products to continuously miniaturizing portable devices. 

● The two-in-two-out design of winding mode can solve high-frequency EMC noise more efficiently.

● The impedance against common mode noise spans from 60Ω to 3000Ω, which gives play to a great effect of suppressing noise. 

● The rated current ranges from 5A to 0.9A and satisfies the current demand of product to a greatest extend. 

● Since differential-mode signal is suppressed in a lower level, there is little effect on high-level signals.

● The addition of top-plate make it more convenient for surface adsorption.

● The small-size SMD design, applicable for reflow soldering, expedites the speed of automatic production.

CHOK 4528


● This kind of product is chip common mode filter used for DC power line.

● Used to solve noise problem of all kinds of electronic devices' power lines.

● Solve noise problem of AC adapter line and battery cable for laptop, portable game machine and mobile phone. 


                                                P/N Description:

                                               CHOK 4528 S 142 A 20 T

                                                                       CHOK -------- Series name

                                                                       4528 --------- Size code

                                                                        S ------------- Material code

                                                                       142 ----------- Impedance【142=1400Ω】


                                                                        A ------------- High current featured

                                                                        20 ------------ Current value

                                                                        T ------------- Tape packaging